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以色列理工學院台灣校友會(Technion Taiwan Alumni Association)透過各種活動、項目和計畫與畢業生們保持聯繫,為他們提供分享知識和專業的平台。



We are here for you!

The Technion Taiwan Alumni Association is born!

We are the official Technion Alumni in Taiwan Association and we are born with a dream and a vision to bring all of you together in one place and build meaningful network of connections, talents and friendships between you and the Technion.

Over the years, the 90,000 Technion graduates have been found at the pinnacle of research, science, technology and industry.

The human capital created within the walls of the Technion is greatly responsible for the development and growth of the global economy in general, and the high-tech industry in particular.

The Technion Taiwan Alumni Association maintains the connection with graduates through a variety of events, programs and projects that provide a platform for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

We would be delighted to see you at events that we hold, to give you a space to share the knowledge you have accumulated since you completed your studies and to hear what interests you.

We invite you, Technion graduates who live in Taiwan, to join this network, to be active in our alumni community, to take an active role and to suggest ideas to continue the development of your web of connections with us.

We are here for you!

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